4-Day Detox Meal Plan SKU: 140261

What You'll Get With the 4-DAY BEAUTY DETOX PROGRAM:

  • 7 page BEAUTY DETOX eBook in color - return to this plan whenever you need a "reset"
  • 4-Day Beauty Detox Meal Plan - I've done all the work for you (printable PDF)
  • 4-Day Beauty Detox Shopping List - Just take it to the grocery store and you'll leave there with everything you need to complete the full 4 days (printable PDF)
  • 4-Day Beauty Detox Checklist - easily track your meals, snacks, and drinks (printable PDF)
  • BONUS - My Top 3 Tips to help you feel your HEALTHIEST + most BEAUTIFUL all year long...and how I keep people's jaws dropping when I tell them my real age!


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My 4-DAY BEAUTY DETOX Program is the ultimate jumpstart to your healthy lifestyle. It will give you the foundation to looking and feeling great long after the detox is over. This detox is NOT about deprivation...those kinds of detoxes and "quick fixes" set you up for failure.

As a certified Nutrition Coach, I teach you to detox by EATING the right foods that help cleanse the body naturally. I focus on prevention of disease and help you create HEALTHY habits.  You get to eat SIX times per day!

I've taken all the guesswork out of the equation for you with this program.  With a detailed meal plan for a full 4 days, printable shopping list, and easy checklist to track your progress... I've simplified your life and set you up for SUCCESS!

Are you ready to feel better than you did just 4 days ago?  Let's do this.

Who is this program for?

I want to take a moment and tell you why I created this program for you and why I'm so passionate about it.  

...Because I needed it.  If I needed it, then I KNEW other women needed it too.

Sometimes we go off the rails with our food choices.  It happens. ...and yes, it even happens to me.  I know how unhealthy food choices can lead to, yep you guessed it...more unhealthy food choices.  Until we realize one day we are off track from our healthy lifestyle, feeling guilty, screaming "how did I get here?" 

When that happens, because it will happen, now you have an easy tool to get right back on track QUICK.  Now you have my 4-Day Detox that is the best "reset" I've tried.  I use it myself and it works.

You may be asking "Is this program for me?"

This program is for...

  • Anyone looking for a jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle
  • Anyone looking for a nutritional "reset"
  • Anyone looking to learn to lose weight in a healthy way
  • Anyone who wants to learn to create healthy habits
  • Anyone who doesn't have much time to cook
  • Anyone with a busy lifestyle - all meals are easy to pack and go!
  • Anyone who wants to learn what foods naturally cleanse the body
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to defy your age and age as gracefully as possible
  • Women of any age....and yes, men too!

You are right here, right now, for a reason.  Invest in yourself.  You deserve it.


Disclaimer - This Beauty Detox Program is copyright of Happy WifeStyle 2016.  It is not to be copied, distributed or sold once purchased, unless you are an affiliate and use appropriate affiliate links.  I am a certified nutrition coach, not a doctor.  It's always advised to check with your doctor before starting any program.  With that said, this detox is designed around real, whole foods, so I believe it to be completely safe for anyone to complete.  Everyone entering this program is different, with varying health histories and health habits, so I do not guarantee results or weight loss.