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  • Perfect for those that are busy...they want to learn the most important info to succeed, but don't have time to read the official Whole30 Book and don't want to find all this info online themselves.
  • My expert advice to help you succeed (see details)
  • 24 Resources that will answer most common Whole30 questions
  • Recipe resources including my reader's favorites
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I'm Shannon from Happy WifeStyle and I'm a certified Nutrition Coach and expert at the Whole30. I've done six Whole30's myself and have led large groups, in person and online, through the program with great success. 

I'm Nutritious Life Certified and think that the Whole30 is an excellent way to jump start a healthy lifestyle. 

Over the years I have developed many Whole30 approved recipes and many tips and tricks to help others have a successful Whole30.  I've hosted Whole30 Recipes on Instagram and love interacting with the Whole30 community.  I deciced to become a Certified Whole30 Coach because I love sharing this program so much. 

There is a ton of Whole30 information online for free. You can absolutely do the Whole30 without this guide, but here's why I'm offering it... One of the things I encountered often when I first started leading groups through the program was navigating all the information online.  There's a ton of it out there.

I'd often hear people didn't know what to do. I got a lot of questions. I felt like I was sending them in a million different directions to find different recipes, articles, and useful information to help them succeed. 

The Whole30 only works if you do the program as it is designed.  I hate seeing people failing on the program becasue of misinformation.

That's why, over the past couple of years, I've gathered these useful resources.  All my favorites, all my advice....all in one convenient place. You can download this guide and refer to it as your questions come up...because they will come up.  This guide will answer your most common questions and will help you have greater success on your journey to a healthier you!

Disclaimer - This Whole30 Guide is copyright of Happy WifeStyle.  It is not to be copied or sold.