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This 13 page Financial Freedom Guide will teach you HOW TO: 

  • Create a Budget & LIVE by it
  • Pay yourself FIRST
  • Set up the correct Savings accounts 
  • Attack your debt & calculate EXACTLY when you'll be debt-free
  • Eliminate your excuses
  • Live by your budget, save money, pay off additional debt...all simultaneously!

*Includes a printable WORKSHEET to make creating your budget easier than ever... and I show you an 'example' so you can SEE exactly how it WORKS!

What people are saying about the Financial Freedom Guide...  

"For a very long time, I've aspired to follow Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps. I never seemed to get past step one and I couldn't understand why. Your Financial Freedom Guide allowed me to see why.  I knew "what" to do but obviously, I didn't know "how." Your guide explains the "how!" Thank you for sharing your experience and your wisdom with others! God bless you!"
- Jennifer, Mississippi

"I've been using your Financial Freedom Guide for only a few months and have already payed off my car.  Thank you, this WORKS."


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You may look at at first glance and think that maybe I've always been this happy and maybe assume that I came from a privileged lifestyle.  Actually, this is not the case.

I didn't come from money and everything I have today I have because I had the desire to create this life for myself.  I have always been unsettled by mediocrity and have strived to make my life better.  I didn't have anyone teach me about money as a child or young adult.  The tools I know about and use today I learned from those smarter than me.  My husband and I have had a life coach for the past decade and I've soaked up a ton of valuable information that has helped our life be what it is today.  One thing I am is a good student.  If I learn about a topic, I read about it and study it....but most importantly, I implement it.  I'd like to share what I've learned with you....because I wish I knew about this when I was younger.  

I'd like to tell you a story about the girl I imagine I can help by teaching her the tools I've learned...

She's 30 years old and her life is nothing like she imagined it would be at 30.  She lives on her own, in a very tiny house.  She's walking out the door to go to a job that isn't her passion...she had been in tears the night before because she didn't have quite enough money to pay all of her bills.  As she walked to her car that she is embarrassed by, she stops short because her hubcaps had been stollen.  She almost laughs and thinks to herself, "This is not my life!  Something's got to give."

I imagine watching this girl from down the block, she doesn't know I'm there.  I walk up to her and give her a box with a bow around it.  I say "Here's some tools that will help you change your life." ...and walk away.  She's the girl I had in mind when I developed this Financial Freedom Guide.  That girl was me.  

I tell you that story because I'm very passionate about helping you because I WISH I had someone share this information with me even sooner in my life, so I cannot keep it to myself.  It worked for me and I believe it can work for you.

Money is a subject that can make us uncomfortable to talk about, but I'm going to talk about it right now.  It's a subject that couples fight about more than any other.  I grew up in a household where my parents fought about money ALL THE TIME, because they never learned these tools.  It's not fun for kids to watch their parents fight about money, trust me.  Let's break that cycle by learning how to get our finances in order.  It causes stress for many people just at the thought of it.  Some of us are in so much debt, we can't see a way out.  Let me ask you a few questions...

Do you have a budget?  Does your spouse have a budget?  Are you in debt?  Do you make enough money to be comfortable and feel financially free?  Do you have money saved for your future?  Do you feel like you don't have enough money leftover after paying your bills to save anything?  Do you have a detailed plan to pay off debt?  If an emergency happened, do you have a plan?  Do you know what year you will be totally debt free with the way you spend now?  Do you worry when it comes to money?  Does money make you feel empowered?  Do you know EXACTLY where you are in your financial situation...or does your spouse take care of that?  You need to know.

I ask these questions to get you thinking about this because it's SO IMPORTANT to make a change if you don't have your financial life in order!

I have developed a FINANCIAL FREEDOM GUIDE to help you get on track.  By following my plan, you can learn how to make a budget, pay off additional debt, put money in multiple savings account, learn to pay yourself first and develop a plan to know EXACTLY how long it will take to be completely debt free....ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  I've eliminated the excuses too, because I know what they can be, trust me!  I've included a worksheet with VERY detailed instructions on how to complete it.  I've included alternate plans for you depending on YOUR situation.  I've even done a FULL example of a fictional "couple" named John & Jane who have a mortgage, student loan, 2 car payments, and two credit card debts.  I've calculated their budget, savings plan, and debt reduction plan using their income to show you EXACTLY how my method got them completely OUT OF DEBT, with money SAVED in less than ten years.  (Yes that includes the mortgage too.)

I hope you take advantage of this valuable information.  Like I said, I sure wish I would've known about it sooner.  "What's the best time to plant a tree?  Twenty years ago.  What's the next best time?  Right now.  

I want to hear from you!  Feel free to email me your testomonial of what this Guide has done for you and your family to  I'm hearing so many testomonials from you guys... you're implementing your budget,  you're saving more than ever, and you're kicking your debt's A$$!!  

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