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4-Day Detox Meal Plan

What You'll Get With the 4-DAY BEAUTY DETOX PROGRAM:

  • 7 page BEAUTY DETOX eBook in color - return to this plan whenever you need a "reset"
  • 4-Day Beauty Detox Meal Plan - I've done all the work for you (printable PDF)
  • 4-Day Beauty Detox Shopping List - Just take it to the grocery store and you'll leave there with everything you need to complete the full 4 days (printable PDF)
  • 4-Day Beauty Detox Checklist - easily track your meals, snacks, and drinks (printable PDF)
  • BONUS - My Top 3 Tips to help you feel your HEALTHIEST + most BEAUTIFUL all year long...and how I keep people's jaws dropping when I tell them my real age!


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Financial Freedom Guide

This 13 page Financial Freedom Guide will teach you HOW TO: 

  • Create a Budget & LIVE by it
  • Pay yourself FIRST
  • Set up the correct Savings accounts 
  • Attack your debt & calculate EXACTLY when you'll be debt-free
  • Eliminate your excuses
  • Live by your budget, save money, pay off additional debt...all simultaneously!

*Includes a printable WORKSHEET to make creating your budget easier than ever... and I show you an 'example' so you can SEE exactly how it WORKS!

What people are saying about the Financial Freedom Guide...  

"For a very long time, I've aspired to follow Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps. I never seemed to get past step one and I couldn't understand why. Your Financial Freedom Guide allowed me to see why.  I knew "what" to do but obviously, I didn't know "how." Your guide explains the "how!" Thank you for sharing your experience and your wisdom with others! God bless you!"
- Jennifer, Mississippi

"I've been using your Financial Freedom Guide for only a few months and have already payed off my car.  Thank you, this WORKS."


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Happy WifeStyle's Guide to the Whole30

This FREE eBook will help you succeed on your Whole30!  

What you'll get:

  • A detailed 5 page eBook with photos delivered to your inbox
  • Perfect for those that are busy...they want to learn the most important info to succeed, but don't have time to read the official Whole30 Book and don't want to find all this info online themselves.
  • My expert advice to help you succeed (see details)
  • 24 Resources that will answer most common Whole30 questions
  • Recipe resources including my reader's favorites
  • My #1 tips for success


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